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This band is made up of 3 guys (Band) and two touring 2 Band support members (Merch) and (Production)

Stevie Kinzer from Detroit "Rock City" Michigan 
Josh Barnhart from Fairfax Virginia 
Jacob Barnhart from Fairfax Virginia

The guys met at a show in Wyandotte Michigan at ZUBA music festival while playing in different bands.  Interestingly enough many great things have come from the show in Detroit.

Literally a band of Brothers. and, a few great friends were made that day. Other than making music together we have common goals and family together so, This band is a true team effort.

If we're talking in chronological order, Sirens was born after Steve decided it was time to move from Michigan to the Washington DC area in spring of 2017. we quickly started writing songs and, have developed some sweet mellodee, feel and lyrical content.

Each one of the guys plays a critical role in their own right.  Steve Kinzer plays Keyboards holding down the bass sections and synth sounds "So important and fills the room".  Josh Barnhart plays the drum and SPDX for those sweet sounds you ask yourself "where is that coming from?!" Jake Barnhart Singer and guitar player will always leave people like "I was FEELING his voice". 

SIRENS is inspired by the sounds of "The Killers, Weezer and Sublime and Tom Petty" There are other but those stand out for us.  We just love playing music, Melody, Lyrics and Vibe! We are friendly guys with a passion for music, no doubt!

Getting crowds to move and Playing together is when each of us feel that we are at our best. Music is Life and our Lives revolve around moving people with our music, enjoying life and making great memories sometimes around your dinner table. Seriously; Many great stories and adventure come from meeting people around the country and, on the road.